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5 Things That Friendships Sabotag

5 Things That Friendships Sabotag

5 Things That Friendships Sabotage.

We've all experienced friendship somehow they can change or go apart with time, and that's all normal, people take different paths in life that don't always mesh well.
Some friendships don't feel like growing apart, but instead, they feel more like breakups, have you been there, you know where things work great one moment and the next you're being ghosted, and you have no idea what happened.

Well here's a hard truth we never like to admit sometimes we make mistakes and don't atone for them, sometimes we don't even know we made a mistake, but it still happened no matter how trustworthy that friendship is there are just some things that can't be hand-wave so easily.
Are you curious about what these things could be, are you looking at yourself and wondering if there is anything I can do.
Here are five possible factors that could sabotage friendships for your consideration. 

5 Things That Friendships Sabotage

1 - Lack Of Communication

It happens, a friend will do or say something hurtful when you're faced with this or are treated poorly how do you tell them, it's a bit uncomfortable. Isn't it!
No worries you're not a chicken it's a bit scary for many people.
Usually, the problem is ignored, which is fine if it's infrequent. But if the behaviour is continuous and frequent build-up happens, just one more plate in the sink.

It's no big deal until the stack topples over repeated wrongdoing can very well mean your friend is unaware that their actions are affecting you. Suppose they're a good friend, likely. In that case, they won't want to keep doing you wrong, acknowledgement and knocking things over might feel uncomfortable but communicating like this shows trust and respect, making for a better relationship around.

2 - Lack Of Appreciation 

If we take a breather and think what would my life be like without my friends? How would it change? We can feel their importance in our lives and how much they help us be who we are once you shared or received that sentiment when they do a favour for you or vice versa is the response a quick.

Yeah, thanks or a real show of gratitude letting them know how a potential problem was averted. All relationships need a certain level of appreciation. A fair balance of give-and-take to survive an imbalance can cause the whole scale to collapse one side feels taken advantage.

3- Jealousy With Rivalry

Are your friends awesome?
Of course, they are, you've picked great ones who are talented funny or maybe they're brilliant, this amazingness is part of the reason you were drawn to pretend them, with such incredible people it's natural to have a touch of envy.

Unfortunately, when that envy turns into full-blown bitter jealousy, you end up competing trying to outdo them and even refusing to support their success. 
This is the antithesis of being a friend let us give you a gift let you in on something.

They're friends with an extraordinary person they might envy to you the saying show me who your friends are and I'll show you who you are it means precisely this, you're both fantastic to each other and your friendship is something the little jealousy creep shouldn't be allowed to wreak.

4 - Betrayals And Dishonesty 

The closest to us hurt us the most. I know you've heard this and I'm sure you can imagine why we care about these people we've opened up our vulnerable insights and trusted them with our guard down.

To have that kind of trust betrayed is like being attacked in the most sensitive and fragile spot. The scar left may never go away serving as a constant and permanent reminder of what happened last time you will not be this person. Communication ties into this the constant pretending nothing is wrong is like a long ongoing lie. Eventually, everyone gets caught in the eruption when things build up.

5 - Refusing To Torgive (and holding a grudge)

Apologizing is hard, it means admitting you're wrong and taking responsibility, so if your friend apologizes for hurting you or doing something wrong, they might deserve your forgiveness.
Forgiveness won't mean an immediate reversal of the hurt, and there will be ups and downs. However, the concerted effort of both sides to move forward helps strengthen the friendship.


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