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7 simple steps to overcome perfection

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7 simple steps to overcome perfection. 

1- be aware of your motivations for perfectionism. 

when you're finding yourself being perfectionistic. you can begin to ask yourself what do I want to be motivated by. what's really important to me.

 2 - focus on the big picture.

Are you someone who focuses on the tree instead of the forest?
I don't just focus on the tree I spend hours and hours. both focusing on the little acorn in the tree. The 80/20 principle has been beneficial for me in looking at the big picture instead of getting caught up in the details, and the 80/20 principle. if you are not familiar with it. says, that 20% of the tasks that you do are high-value tasks because they contribute to 80% of the outcome.
So let's cut ourselves some slack, and start focusing on those 20% high-value tasks.

3- respect and love yourself.

In our previous article, we talked about how perfectionism is self-abuse of the highest order. So the best way that we can begin to overcome perfectionism is to do the opposite: practice self-love. I know that this is so much easier said than done, but I think that at the core of self-love and self-respect is just being kind to yourself.

If you're having a moment of perfectionism and you're not kind to yourself. tell yourself something very kind you know like, oh you know honey you're doing the best you can you are enough, you are lovable, and if this isn't perfect it's okay you're going to be okay.

4- recognize that ideals are directions not absolutes.

I'm pretty sure if you're Seeing this Article you're someone who has big dreams, big goals, big plans and ideas and that are a perfect thing we can have these ideas that we want to reach, but if we are so tightly attached to our ideals that they become absolutes. We're not flexible at all, then when plans don't go exactly the way we want them to we can become too discouraged and probably give up.

So keep your ideals, but hold them with some flexibility, because when they begin to discourage you instead of inspiring you, it no longer is helpful.

5 - focus on what can be done.

The past can't be redone, and even though we can plan for the future, we cannot 100% control it.

So if you're finding yourself obsessing over things that have already happened, we're trying to make the perfect plan for the future this can be signs that you're getting perfectionistic and it's time to let that go and be in the present.

 6 - celebrate victories and progress made.

If you are living, then you've made progress in you've had victories.
So instead of constantly obsessing over what you haven't done and what's still not good enough.
Take a moment and acknowledge what you have done and where you have made progress.

7 -  enjoy the entire process. 

If you're not enjoying the journey it's not going to be worth it, so you've got to ask yourself am I enjoying the process and if the answer's no then maybe the process needs to change.

8 - and final step is delegate and let go. 

now I know for some of us it's hard to let go, and we relinquish our control and let other people help us remember only 20% of the tasks are high-value tasks and so that means, 
It's okay to let other people help us and delegate tasks and responsibilities if you can go to other people.


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