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7 ways to show someone with depression that you love and that you care about them

How To Help Someone With Depression?

How To Help Someone With Depression?

Today I will give you seven ways to show someone with depression that you love and that you care about them.

Mental illness is a genuine problem among lots of people and especially with teenagers in high school. Because it can get to be a very pressuring environment and I feel as though some people develop mental illnesses or some people are just genetically born with that. Eventually, their illness comes out, and they need to be treated well. Sometimes, people neglect these people with these illnesses and don't see how real they are and how they affect them.

 It's just so important to bring awareness to illnesses like that and understand that it will be okay and that no matter how hard it is you'll get through it.
 And is a message to anyone who is depressed or is going through rough time. your friends will be the ones to help you out of it your family you have to find people that are going to support you and to those people that are the supporters.

Please read these tips and be very sensitive to these people that have these mental illnesses. Because unlike a physical illness, mental illnesses still hurt. they are the hurt within a person's feelings within a person's mind rather than inflictions and scars on a person's body.

mental illness is just as terrible as a physical illness and maybe even wors because it's something mental it's not something that can be fixed easily it's a lot deeper than that.

7 ways to show someone with depression that you love and that you care about them.

1 -  First thing to do is to help them keep clutter at bay

People spiralling depression may feel like the world is slowing down while the world around them seems to speed up, and some depressed people might end up having like dirty dishes in the sink.

 The going to find it hard to clean up messes, clean up their room, do daily tasks that a person can generally do with ease or with just a little bit of effort, find it very difficult to do that.

So if you're going to be a perfect friend I would suggest maybe coming over to their house and being like " hey I'll help clean up some of your dishes or some of the mess in your room".
Sometimes simple things like that and simple gestures like that show how much of a true friend you are. 

 2 -  fix them a healthy meal.

Now you're probably like, but you're talking about friends. right! You're not married to this person with depression.
It can go hand in hand you could be together with this person or in a relationship, or you can be their friend. I don't see why it wouldn't be such a bad idea to go over and fix them a meal or something or say " hey can I hang out with you? and I can make you some soup or we can order a pizza ".

You know you have to interact with them get them involved, and you also have to make sure that they don't eat a whole bunch of junk to satisfy their needs don't have to eat an entire box of Oreos, you know instead of Oreos. 

It can replace it with something healthy, but you can be there for them to monitor and to help guide them to eat healthily. to maybe possible. Because believe it or not eating healthier foods and help you feel better and I find that when I junk a lot of junk. it makes me feel terrible and later after it you know to pull a bunch of pizza I sit there and like I shouldn't have eaten all of that I feel so gross. All you want to do is lay around, but if you eat something healthy.

You know you've killed right for the rest of the day. Your body fuels just overall healthier mentally and physically and believe it or not eating healthy foods can diminish some symptoms of depression. 

It's been proven through specific studies, and sometimes more nutritious foods can have mood-boosting properties.

3 -  get them outside.

Now you're probably like why's should be that matter well surprisingly enough, it's essential to get a lot of vitamin D from the Sun, and if you're inside all the time.
You're in your bed, and you know you don't have a lot of light around you, and you're unfortunate and solitary; it's not good for your health.

It's essential to get outside to get some Sun to do maybe some exercise to release endorphins. Because believe it or not there are things out there such as happy lights and stuff like that that mimic sunlight and sunlight can help boost your mood by seeing the beauty of nature. it's also very refreshing and very relaxing to go out there see something like that.

But it's important to tell them to go outside because sometimes a depressed person doesn't want to do anything, so you have to be the one to make an effort to help them out.

4 - laughs with them .

So let's say you turn on the TV want to watch a funny show, or something it's essential to get the person who's in this depressed state to smile to laugh. you want to see that you want to see their eyes light up at something funny and to get them in a more joyful mood than they have been.

5 - hug them.

Who doesn't want to be hugged well? People, I guess that don't like hugs, but still, hugs are this symbol of love, and they show how much you care about a person so for so much.
If you hugged and to feel warmed and wanted, it's such a good thing, and you should hug someone you love that's depressed.

You know and tell them that it's going to be okay and it's still kind words into their heart into their soul into their mind and be there for them and hugs are the simplest most beautiful forms of love and being a friend for someone.

6 - encourage them to focus on self-care.

Now depressed people often stop taking care of themselves. they might not brush their teeth the might not brush their hair. you know like I said before simple daily tasks become a lot harder and they don't want to go through all the effort because they don't have that sense of worth.

But self-care is super-duper important, and you have to make sure that they're not self-harming that they are that they're going to be okay, and tell them to take a bubble bath or something help them up out of that funk.
I know you can't be for a friend 24/7 because you also have to focus on life, but sometimes being involved in a friend's life and doing these things for them and doing simple gestures maybe a few of these rules will help them out tremendously.

7 - remind them why you love them.

You know you've become friends with this person or your significant other whatever it is that might be you know them. You have to tell them how amazing they are to you you have to prove to them that they are worth something even though they don't think it now something as simple as saying "it will get better, I love you, you're such a great person, thank you for being in my life".

But having that kind of sincerity behind a message can mean the world to someone can make them feel loads better. 

I know it's hard for someone that's depressed to get out of it, but it's not impossible. Still, it's just important as a friend to tell that depressed person they matter and that you love them and that it's all right, maybe look at some old photos of the two of you or say remember this time that was so fun.
 Everything was great, and you know we're going to have more fun times like that, so it's just perfect to have that reminder to them and instil them with that.

".bring awareness to mental illnesses like depression , if you're depressed, seek .help" 

".people care about you " 


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  1. This is really good and helps me lot to help one of my friend. But one more thing that you forget is herbal supplements for depression. Yes..give them to feel relax.


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