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Seven Reasons Why You Feel Lonely

Seven Reasons Why You Feel Lonely

Loneliness is one of the universal emotions of the human condition.
You feel lonely when your loved one starts to drift away from you.
You don't have any friends or someone special to spend your day with or feel unwanted by people you care about.

here are Seven Reasons Why You Feel Lonely :

1- you don't know how to connect with people.

You crave closeness in relationships but don't know how to connect with others. having a lack of close personal relationships in your life is the number one reason why many us feel so lonely all the time.

You're friends with lots of people. but your relationship isn't founded on anything substantial. 
You feel lonely because having someone to make small talk to about the news or the weather isn't enough to give you the emotional fulfilment you need.

2- you're afraid of intimacy .

is it difficult for you to let people in, are you emotionally closed off and fear vulnerability?
You might be feeling so lonely all the time, not because you don't know how to be emotionally vulnerable to someone, but because you don't want to.

People who are afraid of intimacy keep those around them at an emotional distance, you don't want to get too attached to someone, and you keep your guard up at all times.
You fear rejection abandonment and heartbreak, and it holds you back from emotional connection, genuine love, and meaningful friendships.

3- you're going through a lot of change .

Have you moved to a new school or a new city lately, do you feel uncertain about what the future might bring and where it might take you?
It's normal to feel lonely lost and confused when you're getting through a period of change, and as we get older. sometimes we outgrow individual relationships and drift apart from those we were once so close.
Change can be scary, but staying stuck in the past may only make you feel more isolated and alone. especially when everyone around you has already moved on.

4- you struggle with codependency .

Codependency is what happens when you base your sense of identity and self-worth on someone else. when you're codependent on someone, you make them the source of all your happiness and put their needs above your own, which isn't healthy.
You prioritize them over yourself and bend over backwards to help them get whatever they want, and you end up losing yourself in the relationship. 

To devote yourself so wholly to someone only interested in what you can do for them is a lonely way to live, and it may be the source of all of your emotional turmoil.

5. you've lost touch with yourself.

Do you know what you want in life, what values and principles you want to live by, or what truly makes you happy?
When you base your sense of self on your relationships with other people, you forget who you are without them, and losing touch with yourself can bring a deep sense of loneliness because the person you spend the most time with has now become a stranger to you.

Take the time to introspect and search your heart for answers about who you are and learn to live a life without being defined by those around you.

6. you're feeling misunderstood .

Does it often feel like no one knows you or understands your struggle to fit in with others? studies show that feeling misunderstood significantly contributes to a person's sense of loneliness.

sometimes others even your closest friends and family just can't seem to relate to you or see you for who you really are you might even feel judged or ostracized by hose around you because of all the ways you're so different from them, which can be one of the loneliest feelings in the world.

7- you're struggling to feel worthy.

Have you experienced a recent heartbreak? were you ever rejected by someone you loved or had a meaningful relationship ends.
When you struggle with feelings of worthlessness, loneliness, often follows because it's hard to move on from the pain of rejection, and even harder not to let it define our sense of self-worth.
It can make anyone feel small and insignificant and feel like no one cares and that kind of loneliness is the scariest of all.


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