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After a storm, how can you recover?

After a storm, how can you recover?

During our lives we will come across periods of time where nothing makes sense. At one point you notice everyone around you is changing, your job or school has more pressure and your love life is a huge question mark. Yet, the one thing that doesn’t change during this ‘chaos’ is YOU. Yes, you! You are still the same person that came to this planet on your birthday. Therefore who you are will never change, even when everything else does. 

We all carry a mindset into whatever we do in our lives. This mindset affects how we deal with issues and new environments. In the article “How our mind sets can affect our mental health” it presents two different mindsets, a fixed mindset and a growth mindset. When you are in a fixed mindset, or a less reluctant to change or the idea of growth. For a lot of reasons, but mainly because you have this idea that all you have known is all you need.

"Spread positive thoughts and actions in negative times!"
After a storm, how can you recover?

 A growth mindset, is the idea that you are still learning from your experiences. You believe you are capable of much more and are willing to do much more with your talents and skills. Another factor that can determine what mindset you’re in is fear. According to the article, “Fear…Your Worst Enemy” , when you keep an open mind your potential for growth is unlimited. When you are free from fear, you can experience each moment to the fullest. This focused and centered state of mind will help you to excel in anything you undertake. Only by letting go of fear and casting out anger can one truly experience the joys of life.

Are you resistant to the change or are you curious and excited for a new chapter in your life? If you’re against this, grab a paper, crumble it up and throw it against a wall. 

What happened to the wall? Nothing. Think of yourself as a wall, able to feel and see everything but remains unaffected by its surroundings. This might be a little hard to digest since walls are not human! We have feelings, we will cry, pout and scream. But inside we have the power to be at peace even when our emotions are ready to spill.

By experiencing this change you’re going through from a peaceful mindset you can conquer it. If you find trouble doing this, think of a time when you were facing a part of this change (your job just hired a new boss, you don’t like him) then imagine yourself walking up to the issue and breathing in and out. As you remember you are not this obstacle – this ‘new boss’ is not who YOU are – you are capable of rising above it in a peaceful manner. 

Choose to NOT be these problems, they do not affect who you are JUST your emotions. Your emotions will always change because you have the power to change them! Choose to be happy or peaceful in front of negative or opposing forces. Change is inevitable, and you are too! No one can take your power from you but yourself. Use your power to rise above these emotions and things that intimidate you. 

Grow into a new beginning knowing that you are better than you were once before.

Will you be the person who can become or will you let the past hold you back?


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