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Men, Don’t Hate the F-word: FEMINISM

Men, Don’t Hate the F-word: FEMINISM

Men, Don’t Hate the F-word: FEMINISM

I’ve had men admitting they wouldn’t date me because I described myself as a ‘feminist’. True story.

I have met men who dislike feminists because they think it’s a group of women who only protest for women’s rights and get defensive all up in their face. Other men don’t like the word ‘feminism’ because the word appeals more to the females rather than both sexes, and they think it should be reworded to ‘equalism’. And some men don’t see that sexism exists and think it’s just a ploy created by feminists. These are the types of men I’ve encountered and I’m sure you’ve encountered other men who dislikes feminism for various reasons. However, the men I’ve described above (except the men who don’t think sexism exists), acknowledges that feminism is about equality between genders, yet they rather not associate themselves with the feminist movement, since they feel emasculated by it. I want men embrace feminism, so that’s why I’m writing this.

Myths about feminism

  • Women want power over men: no. We want equality.
  • Feminist women hate men: no. Equality between genders!
  • Women lack empathy for men who mistreats women: yes. Of course, us feminist ladies will not tolerant abuse, harassment and violence. However, some men would run away from feminism, because they don’t tolerate women publicly shaming and mocking men.

Role of Men in Feminism

Men, you do have a role in the feminist movement. Without men, I believe the feminist movement cannot advance itself. I have listed the main roles of men below (Phillips, 2015):
  • Men should play a supportive role for women. This is because under patriarchy, women are treated in a sexist manner and this causes oppression. However, the patriarchy can also harm men, but not in a severe way compared to women. Therefore, men should support women who are leading and empowering themselves.
  • When it comes to sexism, men do not face what women do and the feminist movement needs men to understand that.
  • Give women the chance to speak for themselves and listen to them with respect.
  • Create safe and welcoming environments. Share the authority and power.
  • Men should prevent themselves from being dominant over everyone and everything. They need to be flexible and humble.
  • Courageous to stand up for women.

I’m sure the list can go on and you can definitely add more in the comments below. I believe men and women should cooperate together and disintegrate patriarchal structures, socially constructed genders, strict gender roles, and the power dynamic in these structures (Phillips). 

Men, don’t be afraid to call yourself a feminist or be a part of this movement. If it was your grandmother, mother, aunt, sister, niece, cousin, or a friend, you’d want them to have equality in this world too.

Do you identify yourself as a feminist?


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