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How to deal with a narcissist? 5 Ways To fool the narcissist

Narcissists have no sympathy for anyone. They don't care about your feelings, once you realize that you're dealing with a narcissist. you have to understand that they are emotionally unavailable, they don't feel as much as you do and as such you shouldn't expect them to do things for you the way you do for them. 
To deal with that here are five methods in which you can fool the narcissist and expose them.

how to deal with a narcissist?

 1. do not fall for their temptation.

narcissists enjoy engaging in fair fights not physical battles per se but they love to push people's emotional buttons, by doing this you are tempted to protect yourself verbally, by doing this you fall straight into the narcissist trap because that is precisely what he wants you to do. and when you do you become the wrong person or the person who has no self-control. but the only way to deal with the narcissist in this situation is to ignore him or her completely ,do not react to the emotions that he wants you to. if you are not used to emotional intelligence learn it because when you do that is the first step in humbling the narcissist.

2. do not feed his ego.

At so many times the narcissist will try to do things that will warrant you to praise him. the most significant mistake you can make as a person is falling for that trap, you have to realize that there is nothing the narcissist does that doesn't have an ulterior motive. so showering praises on the narcissist will only grow his weak little ego, each time you feed his ego he feels better than you. Still, if you do not provide it, he won't have the guts to conceive such in his mind, and he will be humbled where you are.

3. do not take responsibility for their actions.

The narcissist always looks for ways to shift blames to others when they must have done wrong. They believe that they are still right and never wrong, and even if they are caught in the act, they always seem to have an excuse as to why they did what they did.

If you take responsibility for his wrongdoings you are giving him the go-ahead to do more and push the blames on you and before you know it, he will believe that it is his right to do whatever it is he is doing. But being straightforward with him and making him answer for his wrongs will cut his ego down and make him humbled.

 4. do not give deadlines in your relationship.

using deadlines in a relationship is a sign of control. since the narcissist always wants to be in control he will always use that in his connection, if you notice that he is using this too  many times against you, you have to confront him and make sure there is an agreement to stop it, even though this is partly your fault because you permitted him to start in the first place. talk to him about it and make sure to stand your ground and end it.

5. never give him negative attention

Narcissists are like children they love attention, the kind of attention to give to the narcissist is positive attention. Giving them negative attention is vital to their ability to hold you accountable; this is one of the unhealthy parts of their thinking. They always need you to give them hostile attentions such as lashing out at them. If you happen to be closer to the narcissist, you are the reliable, most consistent target for receiving negative attention. Because of this, the narcissist will work tirelessly to make sure you stick around.


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