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How to Attract What You Want! (Law of Attraction)

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when we learn how to speak to the universe and feel our way into a new reality we can attract what we want in an effortless way.

Following is a daily gratitude script that you can read to yourself each morning and evening to create an abundant life.

attract what you want instantly

This is a simple and powerful process, and in doing it with consistency you tell the universe how your life unfolds, and you can experience the magic that manifests because of that. 

With this simple practice you can literally change your life in dynamic ways.

As you read to the words or say them to yourself, try to really feel how they feel and embody the truth and experience of them.

The universe responds to my thoughts and feelings. This energetic power knows who I am, and what i want to experience, and that fills me with gratitude. 

I will take this day to consciously think and feel in ways that match what I choose to create. And as I do this, I know that everything always works out for me and that things flow to me in perfect timing.

I am blessed with positive thoughts, perceptions, understanding and experiences. And I am always amazed at how well my day goes.

I am becoming more aware of my personal power and my importance.
I am worthy of a beautiful life and I am in harmony with ideas that align with the life I love.

I am kind and compassionate to myself and to others, and i see and experience daily evidence of my personal creation process, in fun and positive ways.

I am opening myself to new connections and find that i am consistently connecting with like-minded people who assist me on my journey.

They benefit my life and I benefit theirs. I am grateful for all the wonderful people I have in my life, for the love we share and for the joyous experiences we co-create.

I love being a positive inspiration to others and find inspiration in every interaction. As I share my personal gifts I am rewarded with more abundance and more love.

attract what you want in life

I am resting well each evening and as I wake each day, my body is full of energy and vitality. I feel well and I look great. I love myself more and more each day.
I am grateful to be alive and enjoy interacting with the universe in positive ways.

As I move through my day, I am constantly surprised and delighted by what shows up for me. The universe is a friendly place and it's always willing to assist me. it's so much fun to play with all of the different energies surrounding me.

My abundance grows prosperity affords me new experiences and I graciously send it out into the world so others may also have new experiences.

As I play with my prosperity, it comes back to me multiplied and I am full of gratitude. I love the new surprises that abundance brings into my life.

I give immense gratitude for my spiritual support that assists me on my path. Their attention to the details in my life is amazing. It's as though i have my own personal team creating beneficial opportunities for me and for that i am grateful.

I love knowing that I can connect with the spiritual power anytime i choose and that this infinite power flows wisdom knowledge and divine intuition to me.

I am offered limitless choices. I can engage in or disengage from, anything I choose and I am constantly guided to the easiest, most abundant path available for me. Thank you for this gift.

My natural state is feeling good and experiencing happiness.
I give thanks that I can easily enter a space of calmness no matter what is going on.

I know that things can change in an instant when I invite peaceful feelings of gratitude to wash over me.

I love seeing how my life unfolds so magically. Thank you for bringing me more evidence each day of loving support and for showing me how amazing my life truly is.

You can add to or adjust the wording as you see fit pertaining to your life and your circumstances.


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